Top 10 Mobile Applications for Diabetics Monitoring


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Lots of people are dealing with diabetes and the number keeps increasing due to our poor lifestyle. You need to keep a good track of your glucose level to manage this condition. Visiting a doctor regularly is not easy. But you can find some good applications that help you to keep tapping on various things. These apps can help you to monitor your exercises and manage your diet. 

How to find the best mobile applications for diabetes?

You can find numerous apps on your device. When you search for a diabetes monitor application, you can see lots of different apps. People often install the app that is appearing on the top. But not all applications provide the same features. Start looking for an app that provides all the necessary features like blood glucose tracking.

How to find the best mobile applications for diabetes?

Look for an application that has more health information. Now check for regular updates. If the app crashes a lot, it won’t help. You should look for an application that can have regular updates and work smoothly. 

Tech people can use any kind of application without any problem. But other people may have issues with the application. You should check for the application which is easy to use and you can monitor it with your smartwatch or other gadgets easily. 

Best mobile applications for diabetes

1. Medical ID

Rating: 4.7

Pricing: Free

If you often face emergencies with the increased blood sugar level then this is the best application for you. Medical ID is not a type of standard diabetes application but offers you various features. You have to create a medical ID in this application that contains all information that can be used in an emergency. The contact number of the family member, allergies, blood type, and other important data. This application is best for all types of medical emergencies. Whether you have any illness or not, you should have a Medical ID application on your device.

2. Glucose Buddy

Rating: 4.8

Pricing: Freemium

The glucose Buddy application is available for both Android and iOS devices. This application is like a complete diabetes tracker. The free version of this application has some limitations. You can’t use the A1C calculator and some other features on the free plan. But if you can’t spend money on any application then this free tool is good. You get a blood glucose level log and carbs intake. In the free app, you can also check medication doses and exercise. You can also print your reports. If you want more features then you can go for the paid version.

3. Fooducate

Rating: 4.4

Pricing: Freemium

Managing diabetes means you have to take care of everything. Look what food is good for your health. Fooducate is one of the top mobile applications for diabetes that can help to find the best food for your health. For diabetes, not all food items are good. This application has information about more than 300K food items. You can easily scan their barcodes and check whether the food is good for your condition or not. If the app doesn’t have any details then you will find alternative suggestions. 

4. Diabetes: M

Rating: 4.3

Pricing: Freemium

Diabetes: M provides you with all features related to your blood sugar level. You can keep a log on this app. It has features like test time reminders and a tracking system Diabetes: M provides nutritional logs and fitness apps. If you add nutritional information, this app can provide you with an insulin bolus calculator. It provides you with information in charts and graphs for easy understanding. 

5. Bezzy T2D

Rating: 4.4

Price: Free

This application is like a review forum. People discuss and share their experiences about diabetes in the online forum. You can read opinions about what works better for your conditions. You can use Bezzy T2D for other things like daily life, diet, etc. It also provides different chat spaces for mental health. 

6. Beat Diabetes

Rating: 4.7

Price: Freemium

Beat Diabetes is a user-friendly application that provides you with all essential information. If you recently got diabetes then you can use this app to prevent any complications. It provides all essential diabetes information. Follow the instructions and you can live a happy life.

7. Diabetes Connect

Rating: 4.4

Pricing: Free

Diabetes Connect application is a tracker application. It keeps track of your blood sugar. Diabetes Connect also provides BP, heart rate, and medication tracking records. The user can keep track of everything with the phone. You can take the printouts of the reports and talk to the doctor.

8. One Touch Reveal

Rating: 4.1

Pricing: Free

One Touch Reveal is one of the top mobile applications for diabetes. It searches all highlights trends with your blood glucose reading. If the sugar level fluctuates often, it will provide you with push notifications and also send an alert. It has a color-coded interface for easy reading.

9. Sugar Sense

Rating: 4

Pricing: Free

The Sugar Sense application provides an intuitive interface and full control of your health. You can keep a log of your carbs intake and glucose level. It is a very user-friendly app and good for managing type 2 diabetes.

10. One Drop

Rating: 3.7

Pricing: Freemium

One Drop is a data-tracking application that keeps a log of blood glucose. Food, dedication, etc. It also has a Bluetooth-enabled glucose meter. You can also order test strips directly from the application. To access more features, you can get the paid version of One Drop.


Health applications are like PAs that remind you of essential things about your condition. You should look for applications that provide all essential needs to maintain your blood sugar level. Install the app on your device and keep logs of every necessary thing. 


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