10 Main differences between CBD and THC gummies


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CBD and THC compounds are found in cannabis plants. But these compounds have very different characteristics and body interaction. People often have misconceptions about CBD and THC gummies. Indeed they come from the same plant but are still very different. CBD gummies are now widely used as they are good for your health. But THC is different. 

CBD and THC Gummies Differences

1. CBD and THC

CBD is extracted from cannabis or hemp which is found in Cannabis sativa. Not all hemp is legal. It should be 0.3% THC or less to be legal. You can easily find CBD in the form of gummies and gels. People also take CBD as an oil and supplement. Taking CBD is safe as it doesn’t cause a high sensation. Meanwhile, THC is different. When you take THC, you will feel high. People often consume THC illegally in the form of smoking. You can also find THC gummies or even oil and capsules. 

2. Chemical structure

If we see the molecular structure of CBD and THC then it is the same. Meanwhile, you can find the difference in the arrangement. Due to this different arrangement, they cause different effects on the body. They both act chemically similarly to the body’s endocannabinoids. 

3. CBD or THC gummies, which are more powerful?

CBD or THC gummies, which are more powerful

Although CBD and THC have similar chemical structures but have distinct psychoactive effects. CBD gummies have some psychoactive elements but are very different from THC. When you take CBD gummies, you won’t feel high. But THC is very different; it binds the CB1 receptor of your brain and makes you high. THC is more powerful than CBD; you will feel high if you inhale THC instead of ingestion.

4. Legality

You can find different laws about cannabis in different countries. In some countries, you can find a full ban on consuming cannabis. Meanwhile, in some places, you can find partial use of cannabis for medicinal purposes. In the US, hemp is now not under controlled substances. CBD is legal in many countries meanwhile THC cannabis is banned. You can find cannabis-related gummies or medication only when recommended by licensed physicians. 

5. Medical benefits

The medicinal benefits of CBD and THC gummies are almost similar. You can find relief with both. THC is more powerful and may provide a better effect than CBD in some cases. However, doctors mainly recommend CBD because it is safer. Consuming THC may cause lots of harmful side effects.

FDA has approved a medication containing CBD to treat epilepsy. You can also find other options like CBD gummies and oil to manage various conditions. Two THC medications to treat specific conditions. It is mainly used to reduce pain. CBD is also used to reduce pain but is not very powerful. However, THC is very useful to treat severe pain.

6.  Drug testing

Drug testing

CBD and THC are stored in your body’s fat. In drug testing, they can show up every after certain days or weeks. CBD may not appear in every type of drug test. There are also some CBD-sensitive drug tests. Standard drug tests usually look for THC. Hemp consumption can also cause THC positive in drug tests even if you haven’t used it. 

7. Potential benefits 

If we talk about benefits, both CBD and THC gummies can be helpful. Doctors may recommend CBD to get better sleep and manage pain. CBD is also good for managing anxiety symptoms. When you are stressed, eating CBD gummies provide good help. THC is mainly used to treat severe pain like cancer-related pain. Doctors do not recommend THC if the condition is not very severe. If we see health benefits, CBD is better due to fewer side effects.

8. Ingestion methods

CBD is mainly available as gummies. You can eat them and manage the condition. CBD can also be used as an oil, medicine, or cream. Meanwhile, THC is mainly smoked or inhaled. You can also find THC gummies but it is mainly inhaled using a vapor inhaler or vape pen. 

9. CBD and THC for teens

Any medicine can cause some side effects to teens and kids. Their physical and mental health is still in the developing phase. Doctors recommend CBD to teens for managing pain and other conditions. They can take CBD gummies and manage anxiety and stress symptoms. But THC is not recommended to teens as their brain is still developing. They can experience psychiatric effects after consuming THC. 

10. Possible side effects of CBD and THC gummies

CBD is usually safe to intake. Doctors recommend CBD as a medication as it doesn’t have harmful side effects. It won’t cause any drug-abuse issues or other harm. You may face some side effects that are similar to other medicines like impact on the liver etc. But THC can show lots of temporary side effects. You can get red eyes and a dry mouth. Some people also face temporary memory loss and problems in coordination. 


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